List the module learning outcomes from your module descriptor you intend to achieve

1. Justify an intended practice development innovation in a particular practice setting.

2. Demonstrate a collaborative approach to practice/service improvement.

3. Plan a detailed process of practice development/service improvement.

4. Lead innovation within their work setting.

5. Evaluate the process and outcomes of specific innovations by reference to specific evidence that includes feedback from other participants.


Cycle 1

Practice Objectives to meet your learning outcomes

1. To present my leadership competencies and specialized knowledge to advancing practice in the administration of sub-cute infusion across the organisation.

2. To apply my  skills in the process of service improvement and professional development.

3. Ensuring a positive change through the implementation of the treatment in a residential care setting through collaboration and by demonstrating a self-reflection and practice development.


Summary plan of how you will achieve your objectives

The treatment in a residential care setting is a proposed plan. Having to identify the needs of Mary first (as mentioned in the brief background), I will take on this project plan by developing and presenting the plan based on SOAR analysis (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results). I will take a more person centered approach to improve Mary's  quality of life. In my SOAR analysis, I will identify and arrange meetings which include the stakeholders at different levels from the  nurses to the Head of the Campus, family, Consultants from the hospital, Home care nurses. Being the lead person, I will implement a checklist for nurse competency HyQvia sub-cute infusion, whereby I will need to evaluate the skills of all staff nurses, I will then document their competency and assess the ability of the staff nurses to continue as a competent practitioner in my absence and without supervision. 

Evidence - Text, links, Images

Appendix: 1




Evidence - Text, links, Images

Brief background: I'm introducing Mary ( not her real name ) to be more person-centred. Mary has Primary immunodeficiency as her immune system doesn't have enough antibodies in her blood. For the past 20 years, Mary has been going to Tallaght hospital every 4 weeks to get the treatment intravenously. This treatment helps Mary to maintain the appropriate amount of Immune globulin antibodies in her body. Mary would be there at the clinic at 9 am and would only return at 4 pm. She has gone through a lot of challenges and distress while waiting at the clinic, long wait for the doctor, delay in getting the medication charted. This prolonged distress continued during the infusion as well and was overwhelmed by this whole experience. It has created a substantial distress every time Mary goes to the hospital, thereby affecting her quality of life.

The sub-cute HyQvia infusion hasn’t been utilized in any other type of similar settings nor has it been tried in any nursing homes. Hence, this would be a first time challenge that we are coming across to change the complete system of delivery of care towards Mary. The IgG infusions will unfortunately be always part of her life. Hence as a team, we have started to research into infusions (Appendix: 1) and discovered that there is a safe and alternative to the intravenous infusions which can be carried out in the safety comfort and privacy of Mary's own home. 


Evidence - PDF

Evidence - PDF: NMPDU call out for submissions

Student Summary and Comments

The 1st cycle is only the beginning of my project plan going forward. I have identified a concern / a problem and will work on this, by meeting various stakeholders along the way and my over all aim is to ensure that Mary receives her treatment in the residential care setting, to avoid the stressful experience that she went through all these years. 

This project plan would be my intended practice initiative and innovation which I would like to lead and  bring to the residential care setting.

 At the end of this project, I would like to send this innovation to the NMPDU newsletter (Evidence PDF: Call out for submissions)

Academic & Practice Supervisor and Comments

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