Learning portfolio- Soc3a -Entry 1

Evidence 1


Evidence 2


Evidence 3


Critically reflect-Guidelines

Write a piece (500 words) which critically reflects on your recent work in Soc3A.

 Use these guiding questions to structure your response:

  • What have you learned doing this module?
  • Describe your learning process throughout this module and discuss the skills you are still developing. 
  • What challenges with the module have you faced so far? 
  • What does your work on the module illustrate about you as a learner of Sociology?
  • How have you found the learning portfolio process? 
  • What is it like working with an learning portfolio?
  • How does learning with an learning portfolio compare to other modes of learning? 
  • What implications will your learning portfolio experience have on your future approach to learning? 
  • What is the next step in your learning portfolio?


Put your evidence here


Provide 3 pieces of evidence to support your reflection. Write a brief rationale (100 words) for their inclusion

Evidence might include:

  • Photographs-relevant to the module
  • Diagrams/infographics
  • Audio/Video
  • A section of work

Your reflection

I am in my second year of third-level education. The transition from foundation level to intermediate modules has been difficult. I began the foundation level courses with a solid grasp of the subject matter which afforded me time to experiment with different study strategies and learn at a relaxed pace. Therefore, I started this term believing my study habits were more than sufficient and I could easily absorb core concepts. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

This sociology module requires far more revising than I anticipated. I often reread the textbooks because I struggled with the core concepts and or the books are difficult to understand. Focusing on the required reading proved difficult which impacted my study schedule resulting in unproductive late night study sessions. My frustration with this problem lead to procrastination and outright avoidance of the module. Approximately a month into the term I decided to reevaluate myself as a learner and determine why strategies worked the first term.

In my first term, I discovered that I am an audio-visual and hands-on learner who requires physical activity during study sessions. For example, in the sociology foundation module, I listened to a lecture series conflict theory while gardening. This term I tried to sit in a dedicated study area reading and notetaking for extended periods without breaks. The inactivity resulted in restlessness and distraction. Therefore, I have adopted a new strategy that allows me to move. I read for fifteen minutes and take notes in the margins of my module text or a notebook (Evidence 1). Afterwards, I stand up, engage in physical activity and review my notes. I alternate between these activities until I grasp the intended concepts. The success of this strategy encouraged me to engage more with the module and my classmates.

I have formed a cohort involving two other students who are on the same degree course (See Evidence 2). We have agreed to take the same modules every term and support one another. This help is invaluable because they encourage and motivate me as a learner by sharing information and strategies. The positive interactions with and support of my cohort has stimulated more engagement with Loop. I feel more confident posting questions and contributing forums.

Finally, I am a tactile and sensory learner and I do not like reading module text electronically (See Evidence 1). I need to be able to highlight passages and take notes in the margins. I can take the module text and or textbooks with me to cafés which help me focus. Sensory input enhances my study experience as I find the hustle and bustle of restaurants and cafés soothing, like white noise. An outing can also serve as a reward for dedication to my studies.

In closing, I began this term floundering as a learner. Taking a step back and reviewing my learning process helped uncover study tools that suit my needs. First, I use physical activity as a reward for reading. Second, I connect with other students for support. Finally, I need sensory stimulation to help me focus on my studies.




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